Tired of dry and irritated skin? Follow These Tips!

There are many reasons your skin gets irritated. The environment, hormones, stress and the big one: your MICROBIOME imbalance (I posted about this years ago but will talk more about that in a future blog). 

For more than 20 years, Darphin has been one of my favorite skin care lines. I was first introduced to Darphin when I was the celebrity artist and trainer for Canyon Ranch Spas at The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. Since then, I have continued to carry specific products from Darphin and often include them into my client’s skin care programs.

Darphin recently launched an amazing new skin care product called Intral Rescue Super Concentrate. This serum helps to soothe, reduce irritations and calm the skin. I love this product and so do my clients. For best results, use it once or twice a day. Drinking water is so important in your health, however using water on the skin can be very dehydrating and irritating. So the question is, how do I clean my skin while still maintaining hydration? By wiping the skin clean with an Antioxidant Pad, this way you soothe the skin as well as clean it without stripping the skin of its natural balance. After cleaning the skin, use the 

Intral Rescue Super Concentrate Serum followed by my Oxygen Cream. Once or twice a week mix a teaspoon of full fat yogurt and blend it with my Soothing Gel Mask and leave it on for 20 minutes. 

If you are having issues with dry irritated hands or any area of your body, try using Neocutis BioBody at night and during the day use the Augustinus Bader Hand Cream & Body Cream. This combination works wonders!

Hope this helps, if you have follow-up questions please feel free to connect with me @jaiofbeverlyhills