Fall Skin Tips with Jai

Coming from Canada, Fall was always such a wonderful time of year with explosions in color and the cuddly feeling of cooler days, warm snuggly clothing and shorter days of light. Living now in Southern California doesn't provide many of the seasonal changes to the eye, but you can feel the change in the air. 

This year has been so difficult for so many of us and it looks like it may continue for quite awhile so creating some skin care rituals in the morning and at night  is important. It will make you feel and look better.

There are specific products to add into your program to keep your skin in balance.  Your moisturizer should have more emollients in it with either Vitamin C and or retinol and I always recommend a good Growth Factor to support and firm the skin. The Balancing Scrub will help get rid of the dullness quickly and gently. Try and do a mask a few times a week.

We have added many new products into the studio.  We are happy to have recently added  the new TNS Advanced Serum, which blows me away with by the results. Additionally, the COSTA BRAZIL body and face care programs. Please remember, I am always here to help review your program, just send me a message

Remember to sleep a little more, drink more water and get out and enjoy this wonderful time of year. One more thing which will make a difference.


Stay safe all my best Jai