Cleaning and Steaming Your Skin at Home

Years ago I worked with Georgette Klinger in Palm Beach Florida and was introduced to a new way of steaming the skin. After cleansing a clients skin, we had the client lean over a steaming pot of water mixed with Chamomile tea. It was such a lovely experience for the client and as an aesthetician it was the perfect way to open clients pores before extraction.  

It's simple to do but be careful as it is hot hot water. I would recommend steaming for 5-10 minutes after you've cleaned the skin first. After finishing the steam massage the skin with your favorite moisturizer or oil for a good 10 minutes. Apply a mask of your choice.

Truly this is a wonderful way to take care of your skin and give yourself a little self care to remind yourself how amazing you are. Again if you ever have any questions email me at