There is are so many choices of Retinol in the skin care market. I have recommended this product ingredient for many years for my clients. Retinol has the ability to renew the skin, make the pores smaller, remove fine lines and wrinkles etc. After trying numerous retinol products we are super excited about this amazing new product from Darphin. It is a low amount of retinol in a gentle oil base which is gentle in the application and can be used on the most sensitive of skins. We also carry NOUVELLE from Neocutis which is amazing but much stronger than the Darphin.  

There are certain ingredients that you should have in your skin program, retinol being one of them. Vitamin C is a must as well and we love the ISDIN Vial Vitamin C, effective, viable and a good price.  

Hyaluronic Acid is also so important. There are different molecules of this amazing ingredient that are important. We love the Hyalis from Neocutis and our silk serum. Hyalis is a lighter formula that penetrates deeper into the skin which is great for stronger hydration. Silk Serum is thicker which is great for surface hydration, wonderful for super dry skin or lines and wrinkles.  

Adding in a good moisturizer with these ingredients will lock in the moisture and efficacy of these products. We have many different formulas that work for many different skin types. If you are looking for something at your local store look for something that has Glycerin, it will hydrate and not clog the skin. 

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