Fall Skin Care

Summer is almost over and fall is on its way. Living in Southern California we will still be seeing a lot of hot dry weather for a few more months but elsewhere in the country the cooler days of fall will soon be here. The change of seasons can wreck havoc on the skin. The body releases heat and in doing so the skin can have more breakouts if your skin is on the oilier side. If you skin tends to be on the drier side or dehydrated you will find that the skin starts to look ashy, less glowy.  

For the skin that is on the oilier side or acneic it is important to reve up the exfoliation, ie. Balancing Scrub, add in a great hydrating serum, ie. Silk Serum and do a mask more frequently, we love the Zinc and Sulphur mixed in with a cold yogurt. This will increase the exfoliation of dead cells and allow your serum to penetrate and do its job. Oxygen Cream is so great to be added in twice a day. Icing the skin twice a day for 3-5 minutes will help balance the skin and remove the heat from the tissue.

For the skin that is on the drier side or dehydrated, Balancing Scrub once a day, Silk Serum for hydration, using a mask moisture infusion will be so great help hydrate the skin. I recommend that my clients use their Microneedles two to three times a week during this transition, it will help stimulate and heal the skin. 

If you have any question please don't hesitate to email me at jai@jaiofbeverlyhills.com