Using Balms and Oils during the Winter to help support the skin

Winter can be hard on the skin. Cold dry air, going in and out of heated buildings and the extra stress the season brings to us. I recommend to my clients to add in a Cleansing Balm ( love the Darphin Cleansing Balm)  into the skin program to gently cleanse the skin and we add in oil that will help hydrate the skin. One of my favorite oils for this time of year is the 8 Flower Nectar Oil by Darphin, it is so lovely and the smell of the oil helps you to remember to slow down and enjoy the ritual of taking care of yourself.

Taking baths at the time of year is also so important to help your body relax and de-stress. Adding in some Epsom Salts is great for inflammation and the Forest or Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oils from Aromatherapy Associates is divine

Keep the holidays from being too stressful. Take the time you need for yourself.