Understanding Stem Cells and Exesomes in the Skin Care Industry

As  a skin care professional I have been lucky enough to be educated by some of the best Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists as well as other professionals in the field of Exesomes and Stem cells.   Here is a quick guide to help you understand. 

After micro needling or other types of induction that cause infllammation, exesomes or stem cells are applied to allow the skin to stay in the remodeling phase of healing, ensuring the skin has time to rejuvenate.  We really see a remarkable change in our clients’ skins when they do this treatment 

A lot of clients are now asking about face lifts with Stem Cells or Exesomes. I would caution anyone before doing anything like this.  Remember these products can turn on cells that are dormant if they are deeply injected into the body.  I believe eventually this will be the way of the future of regenerative medicine but more research etc needs to be done.  

Jai’s studio now offers an Exesome at home product called Plated. This is an award-winning treatment from that has a new technology called Renewosome. This product has been clinically proven to work within six weeks, reducing signs of pigmentation, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing redness in the skin.  

Hope this very brief explanation is helpful.  If you ever need more information I am happy to help .  

Best J'ai