Summertime Skincare

 We wanted to let you know about some of the new and exciting treatments and products we have added into the studio.

Careful consideration is taken when we bring in new treatments or products to the studio. One of the most exciting treatments is the WIQO. This is a BIO REVITALIZATION PEEL. WIQO is a skin-tightening peel without exfoliation. This is a perfect solution for those who do not want the downtime of fibroblast skin tightening but want similar results.   It is virtually painless, good for all skin types, and encourages the skin to be bright, radiant, hydrated and firm.  This amazing treatment can be used to treat a number of skin imperfections, especially around the eye area and melasma.  Other issues that can be treated are stretch marks, scars, sagging skin, sagging breast skin, acne scars, lines and wrinkles, dilated pores and dull skin!

It is recommended to do this in a series of 4 treatments. 

Micro-needling, exosomes, and/or pelleve are a great addition to Wiqo.      


This is the ultimate series of treatments that will get you ready for any special event. This weekly series includes a sublative treatment, Sublime, Pelleve, Exesomes, Micro needling and the Wiqo with Lights.  

We recommend 6 weeks for this series for best results.


Exosomes is the new PRP.  Exosomes provide a more potent, powerful combination of sources that are needed to repair the skin. 


This treatment has been made famous by THE BEAUTY SANDWICH.  The combination treatment of radio frequency mono and bi polar creates a lift and glow that is incredible.  Red Carpet ready has made this the go to treatment.   


Recently we did an in-depth training with Augustinus Bader on their Bespoke facial treatment.  We are fortunate to be one of very few Spas that are offering their treatment.  The Bader Sheet mask ends this treatment creating an incredible glow to the skin.  

We continue to offer our other facial treatments but wanted to let you know about all our new additions.  

New in Product for Spring 2022

JAI OF BEVERLY HILLS:  I have added in an amazing new Eye Cream that has retinol and lifting ingredients. A new face serum that has Retinol and Bakuchoil that brightens and helps lift pigmentation safely. Correction Pad Plus is the stronger version of my best-selling Correction pads. They are twice the strength for more severe issues with breakouts. 

DE MAMIEL continues to be a wonderful addition to the studio.  We just added in the SPRING OIL which is truly heavenly.  This special oil helps to hydrate and refresh the skin after the winter months. The SLEEP SERIES is a great addition if you are having trouble sleeping or overly stressed. 

ENVIRON finally has released the ELECTRO-SONIC DF MOBILE MACHINE. The DF Mobile uses low-frequency currents that penetrate serums into the skin deeply.  It is wonderful for the nasal label folds or eyes and lip area but can be used all over the skin.  Super easy to use but provides powerful results. 

AUGUSTINUS BADER released an incredible Face Serum and Eye Serum as well as a Face Balm.   

IS CLINICAL ACTIVE PEEL is a beautiful at home treatment to brighten and firm the skin. Great to use before special events or twice a week for maintenance.

BEAUTY STAT is the best Vitamin C ever.  We added in their eye cream which is great for dark circles.  Highlighted as best products VOGUE. 

SPRING is all about glowy skin. We are here to help you achieve beautiful healthy skin.  

All the best Jai, Chris and Nicole.