Great glowy skin doesn’t just happen. I am very fortunate to work with very successful and beautiful women and men. My clients work hard to achieve the glow and tone that they have. It may look easy on Instagram or in pictures, but it comes from using daily great skin products and having appropriate skin treatments directed to your needs, and a good lifestyle.

The number one common thing that I see over and over again is the big culprit, YEAST! It kills the glow! Most clients that come to me at the beginning have a build-up of yeast on their skin, this can look like oily skin, acne, dry skin, red irritated skin, etc. You may be breaking out or have dry patches and can’t figure out why so you try different products but it keeps happening. Your problem isn’t the products, it's the overgrowth of yeast on your skin, generally coming from the stomach.

You can use all the products in the world but if you don’t address your yeast issue nothing will penetrate. Your skin will look dull, thick and or irritated. So how can you fix this? It may not be fun but, good news is it's easy. Remove sugar, white flour, and dairy from your diet, eat lots of veggies, you know the drill. Most important add a good probiotic to your daily program I recommend and sell Trenev trio by natren to my clients.

To begin with, we need to take away a lot of the products you are using, (put them in the refrigerator, for the time being, you may be able to go back to them after the skin gets more balanced) Your skin regime needs to get super simple for at least 3 months. I would remove water from your cleaning program (water feeds yeast), I recommend cleaning the skin with the antioxidant pads and or correction pads and in the shower, I will have you use my balancing scrub. I always add the balancing serum both day and night and then the silk serum day and night and a good sunblock. That’s it, if you feel you need more moisture add some oxygen cream it’s super light and has MSM in it to help inflammation. You need to almost dry out the skin to stop the overgrowth of yeast. Eye cream is great both day and night but be careful to only put it from the iris back under the eye.

Masking throughout the next few months is important, I recommend for oily skin my zinc mask but mix it with a tsp of low fat yogurt three times a week. For dehydrated or dry skin my soothing gel mask or moisture infusion with yogurt is great. We need to get rid of the dead build from the skin. Remember not a lot of water, when removing the mask remove with a damp cloth or I love my NOVA PADS; wet wipe and toss. I have also added the feature products that are best sellers in my studio to my site.

Once you have addressed the yeast and it is under control you can start adding in products to help treat your skin needs. Most of my products are targeted products. Check them out on the site, happy to help you decide which is best if you connect with me at I have also added to my site the feature products that are best sellers in my studio from other amazing lines.  I am happy to help you simplify your skin regime. 

All my best Jai