Vitamin C and why you should have in your skin program

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that brightens and helps repair damage to the skin. It works beautifully to help lighten pigmentation without the chemicals of Hydroquinone. We highly recommend Vitamin C to most of our clients and see the wonderful results with this addition.  

We have three that we recommend at the studio, BEAUTYSTAT VITAMIN C ( 20% Ascorbic acid, rated number one Allure Beauty. This Vitamin C is great for all types of skins and is terrific for anyone with a more oily skin.

ISDIN FLAVO-C ULTRAGLICAN Vials This Vitamin C has moisturizing ingredients that are terrific for a skin that is on the drier side.  We also recommend this Vitamin C for micro-needling as it gives a wonderful glow to the skin.

NEOCUTIS VITAMIN C 45 Sunblock. Neocutis products are high in antioxidants, peptides and growth factors. Incorporating Vitamin C into your skin program helps to boost the Sunblock. We love this product, especially for our athletes.